Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Revival @ Ridglea

Joyfully we are looking forward to Revival March 26 – 29. In order to have a fruitful time we will need to be like the man with the five tallents in Jesus’ Parable of the Tallents. He put his tallents to work and had much fruit to lay at the Master’s feet. He was truly a faithful servant who had done well. Let’s do the same with our Revival preparation. Here is how we can see much fruit.

1. Indentify, pray for and engage five unchurched or dechurced people.
2. Spend time in the prayer room praying for yourself and your Five. (Make sure you sign up for a time slot.)
3. Clear your schedule and commit to being at every service.
4. Ask God to reveal to you any sin in your life that is keeping you from reflecting His glory   
    and the church from being fruitful.
5. Pray for blinders to be removed from the eyes of the lost.
6. Pray for the Revival Team: Mitch Osborne, Bryan Cirlot and Jennifer Ruffin.

By being intentional in these things we will see a great harvesting of the fruit of God.

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